Searching the word ‘idiot’ shows the image results of Donald Trump on Google. The whole internet community is storming the news which reveals that you get shown images of Donald Trump when you search “idiot” on Google. People are laughing at American president and trolling Trump along with members of the former group.

The latest image assault is apparently the outcome of an online campaign by activists who are manipulating Google’s algorithm by linking the word to an image of Trump, according to CNET.

The trend began with Reddit users upvoting a post having a photo of Trump and the word.

On the other hand, some trump supporters are not happy with this, the campaign to link the word “idiot” with the trump’s images has taken the form of an online protest. The supporters argued this campaign is led by people who are not happy with Trump’s policies.

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Google’s algorithms have acted stellar and played major role in the rise of the company by helping prioritize information presented in search results. However, at times they have also played the killjoy.

Not to know, in May, a Google search for the name”Feku” also grab the limelight in headlines for showing results related to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Moreover, for the search of the word Pappu” led to images related to Congress President Rahul Gandhi.

These “Feku” and “Pappu” are funny nicknames given by the opponents of parties of Modi and Gandhi.

The story is not finished yet as in April, India’s Prime Minister was listed by Google as “the world’s most stupid Prime Minister”. The event sparked fury in the Indian went as far as filing cases on Google for “wrongfully” categorizing their Prime Minister as a stupid man.

After one month of this incident, Google once more, “wrongfully” displayed images of the Indian Premier when users searched “Top 10 Criminals”. However, later on Google apologized for this incident; the sheer coincidence is really hilarious in itself.


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