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See’Me production house closes 2016 with a bang

One of the country’s biggest production houses, See’Me productions’ performance as a company escalated to new heights in 2016, working in collaboration with the biggest names in the industry to produce some of the most high-profile projects during the year.

“I am extremely grateful to be working with the best in the industry and completing another landmark year spearheading an industry high of 33 major projects during the year.” commented Naveed Arshad, the CEO of See’Me Productions.

“Overall  it has been a very good year and barring any unforeseen circumstances, 2017 should be a good year as well.” Arshad further added.

The leading production house during the year worked with country’s top brands, including Dalda, HBL, Tapal, Nestle, Gillette, Safeguard, Candyland to name a few – in collaboration with some of the most renowned  advertising agencies in Pakistan – namely Adcom, Saatchi & Saatchi, Manhattan Pvt Limited, Group M, Ogilvy & Mather, and many more.

See’Me Productions is a production house from Karachi, Pakistan which was founded in 2004. It aims to achieve the finest for its clients locally and internationally. See’Me Productions has been depicting ideas into visuals providing people the essence of creativity wrapped in its client’s requirements. Projects include TVCs, Content, and BTL initiatives.



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