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Selected YouTube Creators can now go live together

There is nothing like the experience of being able to go live with your favorite content creator who is quite famous. I believe that YouTube understands this and is rolling out a feature that will allow select creators to invite guests to go live with them on their channel. According to a blog post published by the company, the company announced this news through the name “Go Live Together”.

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YouTube will not offer co-streaming as a feature on the desktop version of the site initially, so creators will have to do so via a phone in order to use this feature. In order to prepare for a live stream with a guest, creators can schedule it in advance on their computer and then go live on their mobile phone. It is also possible for them to livestream immediately from their mobile phones if they choose to do so.

The company has also announced that this feature will initially be available to a select group of creators but it is sure to expand it to more creators in the future as well.

We are expecting to make available the option for creators to access the ‘Go Live Together’ button on their accounts in the next few weeks. A stream owner needs to fill out the details of the stream, including the title, description, monetization settings, thumbnails, and visibility settings, in order for the stream to work.

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It is necessary for them to select ‘Invite a co-streamer’ in order to select a guest to co-stream with them. After accepting the invitation, the guest will be sent to a waiting room, and once both the host and guest are ready, the host will tap the “Go Live” button once the guest accepts the invite.

There is also the option of running advertisements on the guest stream, but the revenue will go to the host of the stream. In the present time, the stream will not appear on the guest channel, but since it is a very important feature, the company plans to launch this feature in the future as well.

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