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Self-proclaimed Sports Journalist Shoaib Jatt Sparks Controversy by Leaking Babar Azam’s Private Chat

In the world of sports journalism, there are often moments of intrigue, drama, and controversy that capture the attention of fans and pundits alike. Such incidents provide endless fodder for discussion and debate. However, there are lines that must never be crossed in the pursuit of a compelling story. Shoaib Jatt, a self-proclaimed sports journalist known for his appetite for controversies, recently found himself at the center of a storm when he acted unethically by leaking Pakistan skipper Babar Azam’s private chat conversation without his consent. In this article, we delve into the details of this incident, the aftermath, and the ethical questions it raises.

Shoaib Jatt’s Controversial Act

Shoaib Jatt’s latest controversial act unfolded on a local sports TV show, where he displayed Babar Azam’s private WhatsApp conversation on live television. Jatt was the one who took the screenshot and decided to make it public. This breach of privacy took place in front of an audience that included the former Pakistan captain, Azhar Ali, who immediately raised concerns about the unethical nature of such an act. He questioned whether Shoaib Jatt had sought permission from Babar Azam before sharing this private chat.

Shoaib Jatt’s Response

Shoaib Jatt’s response to Azhar Ali’s concerns was nothing short of illogical and controversial. Jatt argued that, as a journalist, he didn’t need to seek permission from Babar because journalists have the right to expose something if they discover it, even without the subject’s permission. He defended his actions, claiming that he had not received a personal message and, therefore, felt justified in sharing the chat. This response raised significant ethical questions about the responsibilities and boundaries of a sports journalist.

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Addressing the Controversy

Before this controversy, there were rumors circulating on certain local sports channels that Skipper Babar Azam had attempted to contact PCB Chairman Zaka Ashraf, but Zaka Ashraf did not respond to his calls. Shoaib Jatt attempted to debunk this rumor on his sports show, but the method he chose, leaking someone’s private chat, particularly that of the Pakistan team’s captain and the world’s top-ranked batter, was far from appropriate. This incident ignited a heated debate within the cricketing community and among fans.

Public Reaction

Unsurprisingly, the public’s reaction to Shoaib Jatt’s actions was overwhelmingly negative. Netizens took to social media to express their frustrations and disapproval of this unethical act. The privacy breach was widely criticized, and many called for accountability and ethical responsibility within sports journalism. It was a stark reminder that even in the age of information, there are lines that should never be crossed.

Azhar Ali’s Stand

Azhar Ali, who was present during the TV show, received praise for raising his concerns about the privacy breach concerning Babar Azam’s private chat. He highlighted the importance of respecting an individual’s privacy, especially when discussing sensitive matters in a public forum. Azhar Ali’s stance was a refreshing display of ethical responsibility within the sports industry.

Shoaib Jatt’s Dislike for Babar Azam

It’s no secret that Shoaib Jatt has consistently expressed his dislike for Babar Azam and frequently shares negative opinions about him. However, this time, he has gone too far by publicly disclosing Babar’s private conversations. While sports journalists have the freedom to critique a player’s performance, they should always maintain boundaries and avoid getting too personal in their criticism.


In the world of sports journalism, ethics and responsibility must be upheld, even in the pursuit of a compelling story. Shoaib Jatt’s controversial act of leaking Babar Azam’s private chat without consent is a stark reminder of the need for ethical boundaries. The incident raised concerns about the responsibilities of sports journalists and ignited a significant debate within the cricketing community.


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