CES 2018 presents a Selfie drone in phone case

CES 2018 presents a Selfie drone in phone case
CES 2018 presents a Selfie drone in phone case

CES 2018 presents a Selfie drone in phone case. The good thing about CES 2018 is, this time the event is full of surprises and unique products. One such product is presented at Day 2 which is a phone case with an ability to turn itself into a drone too.

AEE Aviation is the company behind this creative case “AEE SELFY” and has unveiled this Selfie drone which comes into a phone case at CES 2018 in Las Vegas.

AEE Aviation technology has shaken hands with SELFY camera LLC and announced the opening of a smartphone case with an implanted drone that can take selfies.

According to the company, the latest gadget is first device of its own kind and first of its class.

The Chief Marketing Officer of AEE, Mike Kahn, said that

With a touch of a button, AEE SELFLY springs to life and flies a mission to capture your selfies from high above, from tight spaces or from a distance, as never possible before.

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“It gives the user options and angles beyond the arm’s length of a selfie stick and is much more convenient than a drone. As a case of your smartphone, AEE SELFLY will always be with you to capture amazing selfies.” She added.

The mobile phone case is named as “AEE SELFY” which is actually a mobile phone case that is almost a 4 to 6-inch as the size of the smartphone. This phone case got the capability to turn into a drone.

The gadget got the attention of attendees with it’s a foldable design with 10mm in its thickness. In order to move like a drone, its foldable wings of the drone help it to fly from one place to another.

The device works on the high-end stabilization technology and flies at the user command in order to take selfies or videos.

The drone has capacity to capture selfies from the high above and the plus point is that due to its small size, it can go into tight spaces.

The AEE SELFY captures the ideal shots with the help of the smartphone app and yes best thing about is it gives a full 1080p high definition video. To capture wide panoramic photos, a 13MP camera supports this drone.

The device has 4 minutes of flight duration and it can be recharged about in 30 minutes.

When and where it’ll be available?

You will get your hands on AEE SELFY probably during the first quarter of 2018, as the Selfie drone is expected to be shipped during that time period. You can get it on Amazon as well as it will be available on other consumer electronics outlets.


The recommended price of the device in the U.S is $130 which contains the packaging of smartphone case and 2 batteries with an individual charging hub accessible for $30.


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