The senate standing committee of science and technology has finally passed Pakistan council of Science and technology bill 2016, after including some amendments. Though this bill has now been passed, it seems that the bill regarding the Comsat university Islamabad will be delayed till the next session, for further reviewing. A subcommittee was also established where the ministry of science and technology was asked for inquiry report related to amendments in Comsat University Islamabad bill 2017 by the law ministry.

The subcommittee was established under the presidency of senator Sadar Fatah Muhammad Muhammad Hasni, which will provide detailed reports relating to the matter to the standing committee regarding who was involved and the purposes beyond the amendments. The members of the committee include the likes of Mian Muhammad Atiq Sheikh and Muhammad Azam Sawati. The standing committee also carefully examined the Pakistan council of science and technology 2016.

Pakistan Council of science and technology serves with the main purpose being an advisory body, which not only makes policies but also makes plans for the government for the progress of Science and Technology. While this is only an advisory body, the Pakistan Science foundation helps in the implementations of such policies.


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