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Shadab Khan Subject Of Latest Controversy

Pakistan Cricket Players of late do not have the best of reputations when it comes to dealing with girls and a few have already been part of extensive controversies that have led to a huge damage to the general reputation of Pakistan cricket players. The latest of these is Shadab Khan as a Dubai Based girl, who goes by the name Ashreena Safia has come forward claiming that she has been threatened by Shadab.

According to what she wrote in a memo that she later tweeted:

There are a lot of accusations concerning my relationship with Pakistani-Cricketer Shadab Khan that I’ve been ignoring that is now affecting me and my family. Shadab and I became close friends in march 2019 and developed into something more privately in CWC19 London. I’ve spent over $15,000 US flying to different countries to be with him like CPL Guyana, Bangladesh and Dubai all of which after being with me he’d hook up with other girls. I always believed Shadab because no matter how much I accused him he did everything in his power to make me stay. After a Pakistani-journalist posted a story of us, Shadab contacted me through multiple phone numbers/accounts and threatened to leak all of my nudes if I told anyone our story

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This has sparked outrage on social media as another Pakistani cricketer gets accused of such sorts. However, the only evidence for now is the memo and nothing of concrete has come forward, neither has Shadab replied to such allegations. These controversies have become a major obstacle for Pakistani cricket players who have been ridiculed because of leaked videos. 

Nothing is for certain for now. No action has been taken and further detailed have not been shared by the person aiming the allegations for legal reasons, according to her. Unfortunately, Another familiar saga unfolds.


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