Tending to a public interview after a gathering of the between Inter-provincial education ministers(IPEMC), Shafqat Mehmood said in the main stage, all advanced education establishments including colleges, proficient universities, professional organizations, just as classes nine till 12 will continue on Sept 15. 

After seven days, on Sept 23, classes six, seven and eight will be permitted to come back to schools following a survey, while elementary schools will be resumed on Sept 30 in the last stage, the clergyman reported. 

“It implies we will open every one of these foundations in 15 days if things stay OK,” he stated, including that the choice additionally applied to madressahs. 

Shafqat Mehmood said today was a “significant” day on the grounds that the legislature had been hanging tight for the Covid-19 circumstance to improve before resuming every single instructive organization. 

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He said the National Command and Operation Center (NCOC) completed examination and a “wide consultative cycle” was begun including master boards, think tanks, and so on., in which the legislature took a gander at worldwide and territorial patterns before arriving at the choice. 

“This is an immense choice,” the pastor stated, expressing gratitude toward guardians and understudies for pausing and going through the previous months with persistence. “They were troublesome occasions yet everyone showed restraint.” 

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In any case, Mehmood advised that the legislature will be compelled to “make a move” at whatever point it is felt that the standard working methods (SOPs) are not being followed at an instructive foundation. 

Shafqat Mehmood looked for the participation of guardians, educators and organizations. “Everybody needs to have their influence and at exactly that point we can make progress,” he added. 

The priest said some appended issues, remembering a change for the schedule for tests and course work, will be chosen as things push ahead.


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