Shamoon Ismail Concert Abruptly Ended After Sop Violation

Shamoon Ismail Concert

Shamoon Ismail was somewhat siphoned to be back in front of an audience this end of the week and perform at Karachi’s Avari towers. The singer, on Saturday, was invited by an energetic group who furrowed to his tracks until the band and the concert was unexpectedly stopped by the police and chief Karachi officials. 

As per reports, the Rung artist was approached to quit performing over infringement of SOPs gave by the public authority for Covid-19. Conversing with The Express Tribune, Sohaib Lari of the Big Foot Music, who was playing bass for Shamoon the previous evening, mutual they had just performed six melodies when the show went to an unexpected stop. 

“We were at that point six tracks into the concert when we were informed that we have been approached to stop the show,” he told the distribution. “The officials from the chief’s office had shown up at the setting and weren’t excessively satisfied with how the crowd was following the Covid-19 SOPs. We were informed that because of the infringement of SOPs, we need to end the show. That is the point at which the administration berated us to cut it.” 

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Lari added the show continued for several hours. “We jumped in front of an audience around 8:15, after the singer was finished with his performance. Around 9pm, we were approached to get off of the stage and leave the premises too. There were police, and everything we could hear was band karain ji, isay band karain. In this way, we had no other decision except for to end the night.” 

Shamoon Ismail, later, took to Instagram and made some noise on the issue. The artist shared an Instagram story, expressing, “Unforeseen finish to an incredible vibe.” He added, “K town fam, love you until the end of time!” 

Rumor has it about a fine of Rs1 lac being forced on the coordinators have been making adjusts. The Express Tribune has connected with Salt Arts and is presently anticipating a reaction.


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