Eminent Anchor Imran Riaz Khan has uncovered the monstrous debasement of Independent Power Producers (IPPs) as a team with the past government. 

In a point by point YouTube video, Anchor Imran Riaz Khan has uncovered how the breeze power ventures were set up at more than twofold the real expense. 

As indicated by Anchor Imran Riaz Khan, the same number of, as 30 breeze power plants were set up during the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) residency with each force plant costing up to $130 million for 50-megawatt limit. 

For no good reason, the administration consented to an arrangement with them for a forthright duty and purchased costly power (for as much as 13 pennies for each unit). 

Just 25 percent of the complete expense was paid by the private contractual worker while the remainder of the sum was given by neighborhood banks and the Asian Development Bank on the administration of Pakistan’s sovereign assurance. 

The incongruity is that these force ventures were endorsed with an effectiveness of a little more than 30 percent, which is route beneath worldwide norms. 

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Wind Power Plants by PTI Govt 

During an ongoing gathering, Prime Minister Imran Khan affirmed the foundation of more wind power plants as they are generally less expensive to set up and begin creating power sooner than different methods. The Power Division educated him that they have ten additional applications pending since the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) residency. Every one of the ten organizations were conceded to set up Wind Power Plants at different areas. These plants, with a similar age limit and 7 percent more productivity, are being built up at a large portion of the expense of the past 30 plants, at $60 million.


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