Sharp has been working on bezel-less phones before it was cool. What I basically mean is that Sharp was the first of the many manufacturers that settled into the idea of bezel-less phones, and ever since that, the company has been trying to take one step further. Now, the company has announced the “largest-full-screen smartphone” available on the market, as claimed by the company itself, of course, and they call this device – The Sharp Aquos S2.

In a press release that took place yesterday, Sharp claimed that the Aquos S2 will arrive with an 84.95% screen-to-body ratio, beating not only the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus (83.6% and 84% respectively) but also the Xiaomi Mi Mix (83.6%), amongst the other bezel-less phones currently present on the market. The company also said that the Aquos S2 will come with a 5.5-inch display, and the phone is so premium, that it will feel like a 5-inch handset when held. This quote quite obviously refers to the largest body to screen ratio rather than the display size itself.

Don’t you worry about the selfie camera at all! Just because the phone will feature a lot of the screen does not at all mean that there won’t be any space left for a selfie camera. Sharp says it has used its own Free Form Display (FDD) technology to cut precise holes into the display panel itself, so it can fit the selfie camera and the earpiece inside.

So, let’s talk about the specs that the phone will come with. Rumors suggest that the phone will come either with a Snapdragon 630 or 660 processor, and 4 or 6GB of RAM, dependent on the model you end up going with, of course. Rumors also claim that the phone will sport a 12 Megapixel dual camera found on the rear side, and will feature an 8MP selfie snapper. However, just remember that these specs are not concrete at all, and take nothing for serious until the phone itself is revealed, which will happen next week.



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