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Shehbaz Sharif Expresses Support for PCB’s Stance on Asia Cup 2023 Issue

The Proposed Hybrid Model to Resolve the Deadlock

In a significant development, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has extended his support to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) regarding the ongoing Asia Cup 2023 issue. During a meeting, Najam Sethi, representing the PCB, presented a groundbreaking proposal known as the hybrid model to Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, suggesting it as a potential solution to the impasse between the PCB and the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

The proposed model recommends that Pakistan should host matches without India’s participation initially. Subsequently, the tournament would be moved to a neutral venue, either in Sri Lanka or the UAE, where India would play all their matches. This innovative approach aims to ensure the continuity of the Asia Cup despite the BCCI’s reluctance to send the Indian team to Pakistan, the rightful host of the tournament.

BCCI’s Preference for a Neutral Venue

Although unofficially rejecting the hybrid model, Jay Shah, the Secretary of the BCCI, has expressed a preference for holding the entire tournament at a neutral venue like Sri Lanka. This stance suggests a willingness to explore alternatives to the proposed hybrid model in order to ensure a fair and balanced competition. The BCCI’s emphasis on a neutral venue is aimed at addressing concerns and maintaining a level playing field for all participating teams.

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Prime Minister’s Commendation and Advice

During the high-level meeting, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif praised Najam Sethi for his astute handling of the issue. He also advised Sethi to avoid unnecessary confrontation with the Indian cricket authority, highlighting the importance of maintaining cordial relations in the sporting world. The prime minister’s appreciation reflects the government’s recognition of the PCB’s efforts to find a workable solution and its commitment to resolving the Asia Cup deadlock amicably.

Assured Support and Potential Measures

While appreciating the efforts of the PCB, the prime minister assured them of his unwavering support in case stronger measures become necessary. If the proposed hybrid model is ultimately rejected by the Asian Cricket Council (ACC), the PCB can rely on the prime minister’s backing for alternative actions that may need to be taken to safeguard Pakistan’s interests. This assurance underscores the government’s determination to ensure a fair outcome and protect the country’s cricketing reputation.

Potential Ramifications: PCB’s Withdrawal and World Cup Boycott

In the event that the ACC rejects the hybrid model, it is anticipated that the PCB may consider withdrawing from the Asia Cup as a response. This decision could have far-reaching consequences, including the potential boycott of the World Cup 2023, scheduled to be held in India. Such a move would significantly impact the global cricketing landscape, prompting discussions about the implications of political tensions on the sport and the need for diplomatic resolutions.


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