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Shehryar Munawar top brand ambassador teaser about photography

A global technology leader, offering a wide range of powerful smartphone devices all over the world has joined hands with Shehryar Munawar to redefine smartphone photography. As the popularity of technology products has rapidly expanded to every corner of the country, the high-tech enterprise has now come up with the idea to involve young and vibrant Pakistani heart-throb – ShehryarMunawar, to bring something unique in the area of smartphone cameras.

Photography is considered to be such an inherent part of today’s culture, that the main user-concern when purchasing a smartphone is its camera and its specifications. Consumers want to capture the most memorable moments in their everyday lives, from dawn to dusk and a smartphone is the handiest tool to do so. Everyone wants the best camera to capture the perfect moments of everyday life.

ShehrayarMunawar is a famous actor, model, and film producer, who has worked with top brands in the past as a brand ambassador as well. ShehrayarMunawar is the versatile artist he is known for bringing something new-to-the-table for his fans every time.

The World is on the street to witness that a famous mobile brand is partnering with the audience favorite actor and model Shehryar Munawar to bring something exciting to the table. It is an era to deliver exceptional services to the rapidly expanding segment of smartphone users in Pakistan, who seek powerful global connectivity and infotainment, round-the-clock, on-the-go. The campaign is said to introduce revolutionary technology that will solve all your selfie woes by providing a camera that works in all lighting conditions. Get ready to get double the experience and redefine photography.



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