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Shehzad Roy visits Barkana village school and college

Pakistani singer Shehzad Roy who is also the founder of Zindagi Trust is in want of promoting education in the remote areas of Shangla district. In Shehzad Roy’s targeted district an estimated 100,000 children are out of school.

He expressed his wish during a visit to a private college when he was accompanied by deputy commissioner Tashfeen Haider, assistant commissioner Alpuri Tariq, district education officers (male & female), Mohammad Ameen and Parven Rehman with others.

The first international standard private college has been built with the financial support of Malala Yousafzai. The Nobel Prize laureate Malala has built this college in her ancestral Barkana village.

The delegation was also comprised of Zindagi Trust teachers and they all met the schoolteachers and students and made them aware of the importance of education.

After telling the teachers and students about the importance if education, Mr Roy addressed the local elders and said that education was key to success.

Mr Roy also talked about his wish to work in the district to promote education alongside creating awareness among the public about the importance of education.

He told that his team wants to work enthusiastically in the district with a best curriculum. He also told that he was striving to bring more educational groups in the district for improvement in the education sector.

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The elders of the district suggested the delegation to rename the school in Malala’s name as she is the pride of entire Pakistan, specifically of Shangla.

The elders of the district also said that Malala built this college in the district because there was no girls college in the district.

Residents of the district said they were thankful to Malala Yousafzai for building such an international standard school & college in the district where thousands of students can get education.

Deputy commissioner Tashfeen Haider thanked the residents of that area for showing positive response for the cause of education. Deputy commissioner Tashfeen Haider said development of education & health sectors were on his priority.

According to the deputy commissioner, Shangla people were fortunate that Malala had built an international standard school and college in the remote area for their children. He also urged parents to recognize their responsibility of sending their children to the school.

Saba Imran
Saba Imran
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