Minister for Interior Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed on Monday underscored that the Pakistan Army was “not required” in the nation’s governmental issues in the past nor would it be later on. 

Addressing the media in Islamabad, he addressed why the heads of the resistance’s Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) didn’t take the name of Gen Ziaul Haq when they discussed the supposed job of the military in legislative issues. 

“They cleaned Ziaul Haq’s boots. They are a result of General Headquarters door number four. Pakistan Army is an incredible armed force. It was not in governmental issues, isn’t and won’t be in legislative issues. It was with popular government, is with and will be with vote based system.” 

Sheikh Rasheed was alluding to the PDM’s capacity show in Larkana a day sooner in which PPP executive Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari said that the resistance had joined on PDM’s foundation to protect the nation from the public authority’s supposed shortcomings and will together put forth attempts to end “the matter of chose and determination”. 

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PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz likewise attacked the “chose government” of Prime Minister Imran Khan, saying: “When ideological groups began finishing their terms, a few powers to whom ‘separation and rule’ fit began getting fretful. At that point we saw [former ISI boss Lt Gen Ahmed Shuja] Pasha set up a gathering by gathering political garbage named the Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf, and that gathering was then utilized in dharnas and connivances against your chosen government.” 

She said while lawmakers were given capital punishments and confronted character deaths, the individuals who submitted a lot severer offenses, for example, “breaking the nation and the Constitution, losing Siachen and the Kashmir cause, disregarding one’s pledge to meddle in governmental issues, having political adversaries murdered, and submitting defilement worth billions” were not considered responsible. 

Reacting to an inquiry regarding the chance of an amazing public exchange, Rashid said the resistance had been “quiet” for a very long time since they figured “something would come out” however when it didn’t occur, “they [suddenly] remembered everything.” 

He said that the public authority would settle on its reaction when the PDM reported the date for its long walk. “Imran Khan can take any choice. We have not held a gathering on how we will set up welcome camps for them.” 

Answering to an inquiry regarding the resistance’s long walk, the Minister stated: “There is a contrast between long walk and solitary walk.” 

He asserted that the resistance’s battle was “more against the NAB (National Accountability Bureau) rather than Imran Khan”, adding that all the resistance needed was a finish to the debasement arguments against them.


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