Awami Muslim League (AML) chief and former interior minister Sheikh Rashid has embarked on a noble mission. He is on a quest to secure amnesty for individuals who, in his words, made the ‘mistake’ of being involved in the May 9 riots. In this article, we will delve into Sheikh Rashid’s mission, the context of the May 9 riots, and the importance of his endeavors.

The May 9 Riots

The May 9 riots were a dark chapter in the recent history of Pakistan. These riots left a lasting impact on the lives of many, and their repercussions continue to be felt.

Sheikh Rashid’s Disappearance

One of the pivotal events in this story is the unexplained disappearance of Sheikh Rashid. He was “missing” for over 40 days, leaving the nation deeply concerned about his safety and well-being.

Sheikh Rashid’s Return

Thankfully, Sheikh Rashid returned safely and expressed his gratitude for the nation’s prayers during his absence. He reassured everyone that he was not harmed during this period.

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The Amnesty Mission

However, his return was not just about personal relief. Sheikh Rashid declared that his life’s mission is now to bring amnesty to all those who were involved in the May 9 riots and are currently imprisoned. He believes that many of them are innocent and have been wronged.

Pleading for Support

In an unusual move, Sheikh Rashid took to Twitter to appeal to his followers, asking them to support him in this peaceful mission. He stated, “I have never appealed to my Twitter [followers] but today I am appealing for the first time to join me in my mission to appeal for amnesty to those who were wronged on May 9.”

The Importance of Amnesty

Amnesty is a critical aspect of this mission. Sheikh Rashid believes that those involved in the May 9 events, who might have made a mistake, should be given a chance to rebuild their lives. Amnesty can provide them with a clean slate and an opportunity for a fresh start.

Past Efforts

It’s worth noting that Sheikh Rashid has a history of being a vocal advocate for his causes. He has shown determination and resilience in pursuing issues that matter to him and his followers.

Public Reaction

The public’s reaction to Sheikh Rashid’s mission has been mixed. Some applaud his efforts to secure amnesty, while others question the feasibility of the mission.

The Path to Amnesty

The journey to attain amnesty for those involved in the May 9 riots is not an easy one. It involves legal processes, negotiations, and garnering support from various quarters.

Overcoming Challenges

Sheikh Rashid’s mission is not without its challenges. The complexities of the legal system and the need to build a strong case for amnesty are just a few of the obstacles he may encounter.

Legal Aspects

Amnesty is a multifaceted legal issue. Understanding the intricacies of amnesty and navigating the legal framework are crucial to success.

Unity for a Cause

Sheikh Rashid’s mission calls for unity. Achieving amnesty is a shared goal, and it requires collective efforts to make it a reality.

Progress and Updates

We will keep you updated on the progress of Sheikh Rashid’s mission and any significant developments along the way.


In conclusion, Sheikh Rashid’s dedication to securing amnesty for those involved in the May 9 riots is a testament to his commitment to justice and compassion. While the path may be challenging, his determination remains unshaken.


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