Best Online Experience. Web based shopping is the same than retail shopping; you generally search at better costs, quality, and arrangements when you go shopping.

Suppose you have to purchase a couple of clothing items and you go out to the shopping center, rather than going to one shop and finish your buy you go to different shops watch the item quality and evaluating and in the long run you make a buy from a shop that suits your requirements. However, this procedure is regularly boring in a retail situation.

Same is the situation when you are doing web-based shopping, it takes a considerable measure of time and vitality looking changed online shopping sites e.g.,,,, and numerous others.

Yet, Shoppingum offers your consistent shopping background; it spares a ton of time, cash and exertion. Shoppingum is an “items internet searcher” in Pakistan which utilizes machine figuring out how to improve the client encounter, the Search questions entered are auto remedied on the off chance that you spelled it wrong, the web search tool consequently refreshes new costs and offers on the items, so you don’t have to glance around for the offers and rebates. So, finally you can’t decide. Shoppingum is a place where decisions are made, not only this Shoppingum also educates the user about his desire products, like pricing of the product if user is unaware of the actual price of the price of the product he want. Due this, vendor-based sites can’t gamble with him.

Contrast between seeking on Google, Shopping sites and Shoppingum

We should do a few trials here, suppose you have to purchase a Samsung galaxy j7, let’s have a look how it works.

Seeking on Google, as a search engine:

You go to the Google and Search the expression “Samsung galaxy j7” you entered incorrectly spelled words, first Google will request that you rectify the spelling and hunt once more. After that it will give you a few outcomes that you are not keen on purchasing from, every one of the outcomes will take you to the sites, having monopoly in e-commerce industry.

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Google will only redirect you to the old and most frequently used site, without comparing any parameter of products. This happens a considerable measure in web-based shopping

Search on Shoppingum

Presently in the event that you go to your most loved web-based shopping store suppose or a store you know about and Search with wrong spelling “Samsung galaxy j7” but it will correct the query.

See the quantity of items recorded and the costs in the query items above and remember them; I will indicate you later how you have lost an arrangement.

There’s an amazing feature on Shoppingum, a compare button on each product, click and see the magic in milliseconds.

On comparing, shoppingum will compare your product on all stores, not only comparison of price but also of delivery time and warranty and etc.

Here’s “Samsung galaxy j7” is cheapest on homeshopping, how cool is that!

Looking on Shoppingum

Presently here is the genuine article, how about we go to Shoppingum and Search the expression “Samsung galaxy j7” even with wrong spelling. The site will auto redress the question and demonstrate to you the outcomes.

Picking the Final item

not only this, shoppingum also give a quick view of each product as following:

Why You Should Use Shoppingum?

Shoppingum is the place you ought to recollect when you do web-based shopping; the site has in excess of 1,000,000 items in the database which is constantly refreshing and updating, an ever increasing number of items are being included to the database everyday schedule. The web crawler utilizes machine figuring out how to upgrade the client encounter in light of their hunts. It’s so easy to utilize and explore, so attempt it next time when you do shopping on the web and save not also time, but also money.




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