It has been apparent for quite a while now that Google is planning on to shut down the company’s Inbox by Gmail app. While previously we did not know when to expect exactly when this take place, it looks now as if we’ve got a definitive shutdown date for the service.

With accordance to notifications being received by users belonging to reddit, Inbox by Gmail will indeed be shutting down in just 15 days. What this means is that we can expect the service to shutter on the 2nd of April.

The notification that the reddit users received also further prompted all the users to actually make a switch to the Gmail app, with the claim being made that “all your favorite inbox features” are based in the main app. Google actually did indeed bring several of the inbox featured right to Gmail just last year, and this included features such as smart replies, nudges, as well as email snoozing.

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Google is also being reported to test more of the features based around in Inbox for Gmail, with this including the likes of pinned emails, along with email bundles. Hence, it seems that Google is trying to make the transition from inbox to Gmail as smooth as possible, which would obviously mean that the inbox users shouldn’t have a terribly painful transition come the 2nd of April.

Google+ is also scheduled for shutdown, and the shutdown for this too is expected to take place as the same date as inbox – on the 2nd of April. And so, both the services going along the lines of inbox and Google+ are set to join the long list of Google products that just haven’t taken off over the course of the past few years.


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