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Sicap Improves Enterprise Mobility and Security Management for Android and iOS Devices

Sicap Schweiz AG, the global mobile device management vendor announced today that its Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution offers enterprises and users increased security as it provides full mobile device management capabilities for the world’s two leading mobile ecosystems; Google Android and Apple iOS.

 As the workforce becomes more mobile and the enterprise bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies gain dominance, security threats grow and a need for centrally managed corporate mobile security and usage policies becomes crucial in global companies.  The US market research firm, International Data Corporation (IDC), has forecast that by 2020, more than 70% of the US workforce will be working from a mobile location.

 Sicap’s EMM solution has validated Android for Work and Apple iOS Mobile Device Management (MDM) capabilities. The device management framework provides all the mobility and security management functionalities that enterprises require for managing the devices, applications and service usage of their employees – from software installation, updates, configuration and uninstallation, and even remote lock-up and data wipe, in case of theft or loss.

 Android for Work can separate a mobile phone into two distinct profiles, one for personal use and another for work, which can be managed by the employee’s IT department via Sicap’s EMM solution. For Apple mobile devices, and iOS operating system compatible management framework is included, through which Sicap’s EMM solution provides the device management capabilities to the enterprise IT departments.

 Markus Doetsch, the CEO of Sicap, confirms that mobile working benefits enterprises two-fold. Firstly, it increases employee productivity and secondly, it saves in facility costs. “For mobile service providers, operators and virtual operators, the global enterprise productivity gain turns into a lucrative revenue opportunity and with Sicap’s EMM cloud solution, they can tap into this risk-free business opportunity,” Doetsch concludes.


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