In recent times, customers in Pakistan have experienced the advantages of their local currency appreciating against the US dollar. This economic development has opened up new opportunities for various sectors, including the automotive industry.

MG Motors Pakistan’s Price Reduction: A Welcomed Relief

MG Motors Pakistan, a prominent name in the Pakistani automotive market, has made a significant announcement that brings relief and smiles to many customers. They have decided to reduce the price of their HS Essence model by a whopping Rs. 600,000. This price cut translates to a new and attractive price tag of Rs. 8,099,000 for the MG HS Essence.

The reduction in price is a direct result of the positive economic conditions brought about by the Pakistani currency’s appreciation against the US dollar. This step taken by MG Motors reflects their commitment to offering their customers the best value for their money.

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The ‘Refund Offer’ – A Cherry on Top

MG Motors has not stopped at just reducing the price of the HS Essence. They have also introduced a unique ‘refund offer.’ When customers register their MG HS Essence, they become eligible for a refund of Rs. 200,000. This is not all; MG Motors has sweetened the deal by adding other amazing benefits for their customers.

The announcement of this attractive offer was made through their social media channels, and it has generated quite a buzz among potential car buyers. This move showcases MG Motors’ dedication to its customers and its determination to create the best customer experience.

Electrifying Moves: MG’s Electric Models

In addition to the price reduction and the ‘refund offer,’ MG Motors Pakistan is making headlines by introducing electric models into the Pakistani market. The company has started accepting bookings for two electric vehicles, the ZS EV and the MG4 EV. These electric models come in two variants each, catering to different customer preferences.

To book one of these futuristic electric vehicles, customers are required to deposit Rs. 5 million, and they can expect the vehicle’s delivery in approximately 4 months. This initiative is a significant step forward for electric mobility in Pakistan.

MG Motors has also instilled confidence in its customers by offering a 5-year or 150,000 km warranty along with an 8-year battery warranty. These warranties demonstrate the company’s commitment to ensuring the longevity and reliability of their electric vehicles.


The Pakistani currency’s appreciation against the US dollar is undoubtedly benefiting customers, as seen in MG Motors Pakistan’s generous price reduction and ‘refund offer.’ Moreover, their foray into the electric vehicle market signifies the company’s readiness to embrace sustainable mobility in Pakistan. This is a win-win situation for customers looking for quality automobiles at competitive prices and environmentally friendly options.

Now, the ball is in your court. If you’re considering a new car purchase, the time might be just right to explore MG Motors’ offerings and experience the thrill of electric driving.


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