Ever since Huawei, a Chinese manufacturer started hanging out with the big boys in the tech world like Apple, it was a matter of when and not if the government would do something to stop the rising influence of the Chinese giant. That’s exactly what they did and now the ban on Huawei from using Android and Google services has taken the world by storm. However, Huawei has taken the ban with confident and shoulder and the tycoon that the company has grown into, would certainly be able to not let such a ban affect its sales.

The Chinese giants has very quickly become the World’s second largest smartphone manufacturer and aims to grow more. In such circumstances, the US government played dirty into alleging that the company was leaking data to the Chinese government, which seems highly unlikely considering that Huawei is a private company with no control from the Chinese Government. On top of that, it seems quite unfair that Google and Facebook, two of the most controversial companies in this day and age operating In the US, who have had more evidences against them proven as to them keeping personal information and making deal with the Government to keep a hold of them, are roaming around free doing their business as usual. There is some quite explicit bias towards these American companies.


On to the silver lining then. Since Huawei would now have to take care of the software side of the things as well, that means more work to do but nothing a company like Huawei cannot handle. They have been making their own android skins from the start that means the company is in good hands when it comes to handling the software side of things as well. Huawei has been reported to be planning to release its own OS now and there might not be a better time than this. Reportedly, Huawei has a very own OS for the past 6 years that means that money wont be required to get Google to provide the software since everything would be made in house, which would mean that Huawei phones would get cheaper. This means that Huawei wont be affected to the extent to which was initially thought.

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