A simple guide about how to extend your phone’s battery life. One of the most important features we look for while purchasing a new mobile phone is its”battery”. Being a mobile phone user all you want is sufficient battery life to last the day. On the other hand, the older the device, the less power it seems to have with the passage of time.

However, the amount of battery life your mobile depends on two key factors

  • How we use them on that particular day?
  • How we used them in the past?

You need to understand that our mobile phones use lithium-ion batteries for energy storage which cause them to physically expand and contract.

Hence in this process as the number of charge and discharge cycles grows the batteries lose their charge capacity and voltage .it shows there is a link between how we handle our devices today and the charge capacity available in the future.

However, by following some simple and easy steps, users can minimize degradation of battery and extend their device’s life.

Control battery discharge

If you want to extend battery capacity then you need to control by limit how much you discharge your mobile phone batteries. Most of the time battery degradation occurs during deep discharge/charge cycles. So, it’s really better to limit the battery discharge throughout any one cycle before charging it again.

On the other hand, use battery-management systems, which reduce damage from overcharging and automatically shut down if the battery gets too low.

In a nutshell, if you want to maximize the battery capacity in the future, then you should avoid that 0% battery mark altogether and keep batteries at least partially charged to avoid deep discharge.

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Extend charging times

In today’s era we got the mobile devices which have a fast charge option that allows users to supercharge them in just minutes rather than hours. Well, this is suitable when you’re in a hurry, but you should avoid it to make a habit.

The fact is charging a battery too quickly actually reduces its storage capacity.

Charging at lower rates gives more absolute shuttling to occur, which improves the battery’s charge capacity.

Keep the temperature just right

The best temperature range for a mobile phone lithium-ion battery is between 0℃ and 45℃in order to maintain optimal long-term charge capacity.

Below 0℃ and above 45℃ temperatures the degradation of the battery is also accelerated to a great extent.

Well, your phones should be kept out of direct sunlight for long periods, particularly in summer.

Reduce brightness of the screen

The best way to save a battery life, while maintaining full function is to reduce brightness of the screen. The devices such as mobile phones with OLED display, you can also employ the “light on dark” option for viewing.

Moreover, when you’re not using cellular network, turn it off too.

Use Wi-Fi instead of 4G

 It is interesting to mention that with Wi-Fi is almost 40% less power-hungry than 4G for internet browsing. So, turning off cellular data and using Wi-Fi in its place will help out your battery life.

Limit video content                

One of the most power-consuming operations on a mobile device is video processing. So in critical situation don’t use videos’ content or try to limit it.

Turn on smart battery modes

Last but not the least, you can go for a smart battery saving mode. For example, Android has “Power Saving Mode” and iOS has “Low Power Mode”. These features adjust CPU usage for several apps, screen brightness, notifications and different hardware options to trim down energy consumption.

I hope these tips will help out to extend the battery life of your mobile phone by more than 40% in any given day. Moreover, if you will follow these simple yet constructive tips then it will allow you to maintain a more reliable battery capacity throughout the lifespan of the device.


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