Simple life hacks to repair household things at home

Simple life hacks to repair household things at home

Everyone loves keeping his home well repaired and well decorated all the time. But it’s impossible, especially when you have kids with extreme genius and they use this genius in any way they like at home.

Today, I was looking for some home remedy to fix the rip in the household screen that was a gateway for the mosquitos to bother me all the night.

Thus I found a video that taught me several simple life hacks that I will love to share with you.

Home safety expert Danny Lipford who recently paid a visit to the suburban New York home of Rich and Ellen Kamzan helps us a lot in case of irritating problems around the house.

Simple life hacks to repair household things at home

Loose Cabinet knob:

A loose cabinet knob is nothing to go crazy with,  so don’t worry and just look for a potato peeler without going out of the kitchen.

The top of the potato peeler works as a screwdriver you can use it to tighten the screw.

Sticky drawers:

Stubborn sticky drawers are not the problem of some old furniture. The latest one can also take this problem with it, so just keep in mind that a bar of soap can make you get the job done.

Rub the bar of soap back-and-forth along the track and top and bottom of the drawer to get the drawer sliding easier to open. The pain to open the stubborn drawers will go away.

Dents in the wooden floor:

Dents in the floor often let us not change the room setting but Lipford has a solution for that. Place a steam iron on a damp towel, rub it gently in a circular motion over the dent to get it eliminated.

Within a few minutes, the heir will be no dent in your wooden floor.

Indented Carpet:

Don’t bother about the indents in the carpet. Just take an iron and undergo the same above mentioned operation. By rubbing the steam iron on a damp rag kept on bumps in the carpet will help you removing the bumps.

Soda bottle remedy:

what will you do if the bulb is broken but left the base inside the socket?

There is no any remedy more reliable than Lipford’s soda bottle remedy.

Just switch off the power and take a lighter to heat up a soda bottle’s screw top. When it begins to melt then screw the bottle into what’s left of the bulb. It will be cool to remove the left piece of bulb easily.

No Entrance:

A rip in your household screen might be the entrance point for the mosquitos. But a temporary fix can stop them from bothering you.

Just take a nail polish and spread over the rip and get it sealed temporarily.


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