Have you ever heard of an Xbox 360, which costs ONLY Rs.1?

An Xbox 360.

Only Rs.1.

Yes take a minute to digest this.

This deal is exactly what dreams are made of, right? But these dreams became a reality for 95 people who purchased the must coveted Xbox 360 at an unbelievable price of Rs.1 at the Rs.1 Shopping Fest by SimSim this 11/11.

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But the surprises were not just limited to that. Other luxury electronic goods such as the iPhone X, Samsung S9 and the PS4 were also up for grabs for only Rs.1 in this one of a kind shopping fest. To further increase the excitement levels, a lucky draw was held towards the end of the day. All SimSim users had to do was simply purchase ANYTHING from the online marketplace and they would automatically qualify for an iPhone X, Samsung S9, or a PS4. Naturally, the excitement levels sky-rocketed and 1000s of purchases were made.

At the first round of the giveaway ceremony held at SimSim Head Office, the lucky buyers couldn’t contain their excitement and shared their delight for getting their hands on the amazing deal on Xbox! More testimonials can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/simsimbyfinca/videos/1955187801262522/

In addition to the Rs. 1 deals, other flash deals were going on simultaneously as well, bringing together some of the coolest products on one platform, making the Shopping Fest hugely popular.

SimSim mobile Digital Wallet is jointly developed by FINJA (a fin-tech startup) and FINCA microfinance Bank, and is built on top of FINCA microfinance Bank’s branchless banking platform, designed for not only mobile payments but numerous other features. They have now created the first ever wallet integrated, non- COD ecommerce marketplace which allows both the merchant and consumers to leverage the cashless model and enjoy real time and frictionless online shopping.

We are surelylooking forward to more such exciting deals and promotions.


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