Dwayne Johnson, he who has rocking personality and fashions himself as The Rock of our ages, made an eye-catching declaration on social media on Sunday regarding Apple’s Siri.

He stated both on Facebook and Twitter that he’s making his way in the latest movie, named as “RockXSiri. Dominate the Day,” to be released on Monday.

Guess who is his co-star? Shockingly, it’s Siri.

It seems that Siri’s agent — not satisfied with his customer being the motivation for the movie “Her” — has landed her a character in which she really gets a credit.

 The Rock declared On Facebook: “I partnered with Apple to make the LARGEST, COOLEST, MOST OVER THE TOP, CRAZIEST, DOPEST, AND FUNNIEST movie ever.” He expressed more or less the similar understatements on Twitter.

Does he have your attention now?

 According to The Rock, This suspected movie is to unveil on Apple’s YouTube channel on Monday.

Is it, however, really a movie? Or might it be just more of a long and to build you believe that Siri is actually a star?

Some people think she’s a slight behind, say, Google’s intellectual artificial assistant or even Amazon’s somewhat more useful Alexa.

Furthermore, with the music-loving, Siri-powered Apple HomePod on the December prospect, everything that boosts Siri’s image might be both salutation and planned.

Apple didn’t right away react to a request for comment.

Having devoted my life to decoding — and producing marketing nonsense, I fall down upon these Facebooked expressions from The Rock: “I make movies for the world to enjoy and we also made this one to stimulate you to get out there and get the job done.”

Well, what can “get the job done” perhaps mean? It means, I fright, that Siri is going to assist you in your work life because she’s really so very intelligent. But what job? Well, it may be a bank job? Yes, it can be bank teller job? Hasn’t the Rock perceived sound that artificial intelligence (AI) will put us all out of work?

One more clue is the “Dominate the Day” element. Siri will most likely take the loser that you presently are and twist you into a winner.

But then there’s the initial part of the title: RockXSiri. I’ll bet. You’re going to inform me this is a love story.

As the movie poster recommends, one with fast cars, monsters, and planes.

 So it’s your standard The Rock movie, rumor has it that, but turned into an ad for Siri. Or possibly it’s also being the opening salvo in The Rock’s rumored 2020 presidential movement.


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