Six day Muharram notification rejected by the government – calling it fake

The government on Friday highlighted a particular notification that made rounds on various social media websites – consisting of a rumor that the government was looking forward to bringing about six holidays for Muharram.

The official Twitter account of the federal government took action against the spreading of such rumors – as the account shared a photo of the letter and went forward by claiming that “no such instructions” have been issued by the government.

To exactly quote the tweet, it said : “The attached notification is Fake and no such instructions have been issued by Government of Pakistan.”

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The notification which in hindsight has indeed been confirmed as being misleading –claimed that this time around, the government decided in favor of six holidays for Muharram – commencing from the 6th of September and ending on the 11th of September.

As far as the actual holidays that have been granted go – both the federal as well as all the provincial governments have taken upon themselves to announce two holidays in favor of Muharram – the holidays being for Monday and Tuesday for Ashura, which is observed on Muharram 9th and 10th.

In accordance with the notification that has been issued by the Interior Ministry, the offices were subject to being closed on Friday, the 6th of September at 3:00 pm so that employees would be given the opportunity to express solidarity with the families of martyrs on Defence and Martyrs Day.

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