The release of the Lenovo smart display was highly anticipated and it brought waves of excitement through the world of tech, in particular to the smartphone market. The reason as to why the launch was so eagerly anticipated is because of the fact that it features the Google assistant, which is quite smartly integrated in between the whole process of things. The reason as to why this is of such excitement is because we now have an official way in which we can visually interact with the Google assistant. This gives us another way to interact with the Google assistant, as now we are not only limited to interaction through our voices.

As now the smart display is available and ready to go, it looks as if Google is slowly starting to rollout smart display like features to the smartphone Google assistant app.

To give you a basic idea as to how the whole of the process works, I’ll demonstrate it in the simplest of manners. When you ask you the Lenovo smart display to adjust something which is connected to a smart home appliance – be it the temperature or the lighting level, the smart display will immediately show you a slider which will allow you to tune your home conditions in the manner you please. So you can adjust the temperature of your air conditioner, dim lights and do a whole lot of other stuff too!

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Many people have tried to use the smart display features mentioned as above on their phones, however most of the people tried for nothing, as there seemed to be no avail. They just wouldn’t seem to work – and what this basically means is that this is one of those times in which Google makes the customers wait. So it could and probably would be a while till you get the update yourself.

However, it would be good to note that while the update may take a while, it will be worth all the wait. After all, it isn’t hard to imagine that what we have witnessed is what the future belongs to.

Judging from the reviews that have been given out by the people who have actually used the Lenovo smart display, I would imagine that there is plenty of room for improvement. The response to the command isn’t exactly always accurate, and neither is the response as fast as we would want it to be. But to be fair, this is all new to not only us, but Google too, and with the passage of time things will only get better.


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