Smart Lockdown imposed in 12 locations in Lahore

smart lockdown in Lahore

A recent report from City42 News, a news channel which is dedicated to providing you news from all over Lahore, has suggested that in last few days or so, the speed of the spread of coronavirus has once again accelerated which has led to smart lockdown being imposed in 12 different locations across Lahore. The report has claimed that in the last 24 hours, 8 people in Lahore have died while 394 new patients were diagnosed to be infected by the deadly virus. In addition, there are currently 319 patients who are being treated in various hospitals across Lahore, in both private and government hospitals. The rise in the trend of the virus is a major concern for the city, as we see that people are not taking the threat seriously.

Given the threat imposed by the virus and the sudden surge in cases, the local government has imposed smart lockdown in 12 different locations in Lahore. In addition, businesses and governmental institutions activity has also been limited. The notification for this was passed by the secretary of primary health division, Captain(Retd) Muhammad Usman. In addition the locations in which the smart lockdown has been imposed include: Street No 12, FF Block DHA Phase 4, Main Street R Block, Phase 2 DHA, Street 8 Block Officers Colony, Street 4 DD Block DHA Phase 4, Children Library Complex on Tijarat Road, Bagh-e-Jinnah, Heera Road, Islampura, RajGarh House no 41 A to 46 A and New Chubarji House 394 A to 398 A, are the areas that were identified in the notification, areas which are now under smart lockdown.

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In addition to that, shopping malls, restaurants and governmental and private offices shall be closed until further notice, in the aforementioned areas. All health institutions and retailers which include, hospitals, dispensaries, medical stores and all medical laboratories will continue to operate in these areas 24/7. Other than that, all essential stores such as Meat shops, departmental stores and bakeries shall remain open from 7am to 7pm, after which they will close and petrol pumps will remain open from 9am to 7pm so take note of these measures.


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