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Can you live without a smartphone! Be honest…. And frank, to say the least….

Can you live without a smartphone! Be honest…. And frank, to say the least….

As far the world has progressed unduly, the usage of smartphone is exceeded. Doubtlessly the future of Mobile Phones in Pakistan or all over the world is not bounded in the black alley. As the usage of Mobile Phones is not faded till then, of course, this world will become a jailed bird of cell phones and will never let ourselves to get off it. Future of Mobile Phones in Pakistan is even brighter than the power of Sunlight. Mobile Phone’s future will never die down. It has come to light that mobile phones will never get lower, also it is much vivid that no one can condemn to the high priority of Mobile Phones. Also, mobile phones shall prove light in future for all and sundry. It is the blessing in disguise or proven as undimmed in gloomy. Surely the mobile phone will be succeeding device in the upcoming time. Much of the technology has to come ahead. We can trace that; mobile phones will be without defect or blemish. They will be precisely accurate or without any default. They will be unique or completely perfect. Even without any pest or being an obstacle for the users. Doubtlessly, Mobile Phones are part and parcel of our lives. It is integral for our lives too. Mobile phones play a vital role in our lives. Mobile phones are flawless in many ways. It is the best process of communication between people. It has benefit, which no one can deny to, it can be taken to anywhere else. First and foremost, it assists the user to get rid of hurdles in many ways. For instance, it bonded us together in any tragic situation. Also, it has also many positive uses. It helps students to stay connected to studies. It also helps the person, to explore whatever he is looking or searching for. Mobile phones are essential for our lives, no less.

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Even nowadays, it is unreasonable to live our lives perfect, without this device. Those days have now out of sight, when a person who has not a cell phone, lives a flawless life.  Having this little device is beyond the bounds of possibility. It is not possible to do our donkey work without it. Millions of meetings, deals or projects are done on mobile phones. Along, all these facilities, mobile phone, access us to email, use phone as the fax machine, pager and address box. Quite apart from all these facilities, it forces us to improve networking capabilities also a greater access to modern apps and services that cannot be overstated. There is no escaping from the fact that, it is foremost in our lives or we can’t deny its fertility to our lives. Surely the landline phones and smartphones lay down in the same genre, but it’s not appropriate to propound that, the landline is more integral than cell phones. As smartphones have taken the place of those less essential nodes. It provides us with all those facilities that we want in other nodes like the landline. Because Cell Phones are multipurpose and can’t condemn its necessity. As we have cell phones, we have the printer, fax machines, emails or important files, are all in one, in our pocket or hands. It will not invalid to claim that, our life has become as easy as ABC, by means of this little device.

We are gambling with destruction by having this destructive device in our hands or before our eyes all the time. It is surely a blessing in disguise, as it has proven very convenient and also a necessary evil. We can’t even get rid of this if we want to.  We are in a hot water because of this destroying device. It consumes our time, it has taken the place of reading, writing also art, also it doesn’t give anything integral in return. Many deals are cancelled because of this. Its harmful rays or radiations are injurious to health as well as the mind. It is burning question that how it is so helpful as well as hell for us. Many youngsters are prone to this treacherous device as it leads to destruction only or something that is awful and also life taking. Mobile phones, impact upon our minds, health or  humanrelations and interactions. It is the main purpose of rag to bull, of young youth. Injurious of cell phones are a beggar description. As no one wants to listen to something worst fact about this or don’t want to leave it. We are overhead and ear in destruction. We have tied ourselves over to the usage of cell phones that it is impossible for us to get rid of this ailment. It has turned our head that we are entangled in this and, helpless before it. It is the minicomputer, to say the least because we often burn one’s finger and destroy something vital or essential. Our important time or intellect has to end in smoke because of this ailment. That has stuck to our mind in such a way that we are unable to get rid of it. The destruction is breaking out that everyone has become prone to damage. It is not at hand to eliminate this dangerous device, as we have a reflection about it.  We must pay through the notes to cut down it by the least use of cell phones. As we have blown up this, we should do something to save our destructive lives. We must not break down ourselves as we are doing. We should keep off to cell phones. We should have to stop short at cell phones. As we can’t destroy ourselves internally as well as externally. No doubt, it has become an integral part of our lives but we have to cut the roots of it to not live destructive life.

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