Smartphone sales see decline

Smartphone sales see decline
Smartphone sales see decline

Smartphone sales have once again seen a decline for Q3 2019 – this being the third consecutive quarter which has seen a decline. However, this time around, the decline is a smaller one compared with the previous quarters, as we saw a 1.7 percent drop in the second quarter of 2019, while a much more substantial drop of 2.7 percent was witnessed in the first quarter of the year. Many experts have however claimed that it is highly likely that sales will once again pick up next year.

Most experts agree that mid-range devices all across the globe will continue to play an integral part in growth across the market as now more than ever consumers seek the products which give the very best value for money. Consumers no longer want the least expensive device, or indeed the most expensive device – rather, they want something in between. And for good reason too as mid-range devices have indeed come quite far.

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Many brands, including the likes of Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO and Vivo have focused quite a bit on improving their entry level and midtier devices over the last year or so – as competition in the market is now more fierce than ever. This has gone on to yield a good response for the companies as mentioned above, while contrary is the case for Apple. The company has seen a double-digit decline in sales in a year-over-year comparison.

Huawei on the other than too has gone on to record double-digit sales growth in spite of the fact that the smartphone market is seemingly in decline. As a result of this, the Chinese manufacturer is the only of the top-five global smartphone vendors to record double-digit growth in smartphone sales around the globe in 2019. And while the US ban has certainly put a dent on global proceedings for the company, it has in fact resulted in greater sales in China.


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