As the technology is taking over the world, the ways of work are changing. Going to a workplace for few hours and doing work is now an old thing. Now it’s all about what work are people doing and the workplace isn’t important now. The smartphone is the new workplace now which will have nearly 3 Billion users till 2020. Desktop computer in no more needed, companies are now designing slim laptops that can be made into any location for work productivity.

A time for digital nomads

This is the time for new work orientations. A company named Buffer left its office in San Francisco and began working through smartphones and cloud-based sharing technology. The famous companies like Amazon, Adobe and LEGO are also adopting this new way or working. These companies travel through the world to get investments and people for work simultaneously. Their economy is alive and is working right alongside people.

The risks in this technology

Public Wi-Fi is the main source of all these connections between these nomad companies. Their employees work from anywhere. But there is a risk. Cyber crimes are at peak these days. These interlinked connections are always on the verge of being hacked. A similar incident took place in 2015 in which hackers hacked the system of a mega brand’s smart fridge. Researchers revealed that this exposed the Gmail account of the owner and all the google sign-ins.

 A report in 2016 showed that these IoTs are becoming endangered. This can be a danger for this industry but it can prevail if measures against cyber crimes are taken. Companies are investing Millions of dollars in this workplace in order to make their data secure from hackers.


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