Smartphones Can Improve Your Memory: Study

Smartphones Can Improve Your Memory: Study

In a study that was that was published in Journal of Experimental Psychology, Sam Gilbert, senior author of the study, proved that smartphones and other electronic devices improve memory.

When people were permitted to use an external memory device, the device helped them retain the data they’d stored in it. This is not surprising however, we also discovered that the device enhanced memory of people for information that was not saved also.

He said that people store other important information on digital devices to aid them in recall, but the information that was not saved was more easily retained also.

Memory Testing Experiment

Researchers conducted a study on an exercise in memory using a touchscreen tablet or a computer. Participants included 158 between 18 and 71. They handed out 12 circles to the participants and instructed them to place the circular pieces on two surfaces labelled “high worth” as well as “low value”. Participants who move the circles onto the side with high value earn 10 times more cash than those who are on the side with lower value.

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The participants completed the task 16 times. They were permitted to use their memory to recall the half times of the circles as well as their devices memory for the remaining portion by making reminders.

Encouraged Results

The results indicated that participants utilized gadgets to save the data for the most valuable circles. This increased their memory by 18 percent. The proportion of people who didn’t utilize the devices improved the memory of 27 per cent within the low-value circles. This includes those who didn’t set any reminders.

The researchers identified that it was “a possibility of a cost associated with reminding people”. They discovered that people who took the reminders remembered the lower-value circles more than high-value circles. This indicated that “they had left the high-value circles with their own devices but then had forgotten about the high-value circles.”

Sam Gilbert said,

While it is not likely to cause digital dementia The use of external memory devices can even enhance our memory for data that was did not save. We must ensure to back up only the most important data. If an application for memory fails, we’ll be only left with less important information stored in our own memory.


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