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Snapchat brings delete messages option

Snapchat finally has announced most awaited new feature, “Clear Chats”   allowing users to delete their unread messages sent to another Snapchat user’s account. According to the snap, the parent company of Snapchat, the feature will soon roll out globally. It will enable users to delete mistaken and embarrassing messages.

However, just like WhatsApp the recipient of the message will also be notified if you delete something. With the help of this feature, you can delete any kind of text, image, video, audio, sticker or memory that you have sent to another user but remains unread.

How it works?

If you want to delete a message in a one-on-one thread or a group chat, you can hold down the message to see a Delete button. Once you tap it, Snapchat will take back your message. However, in order to do so, your app must be updated and you have an active internet connection.

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Although, Snapchat already auto-deletes messages after users viewed them and it informs recipient as well when a screenshot is taken. However, latest Clear Chat feature will give protection to users if they want to delete sensitive information which they have accidentally sent over Snapchat.

As, Snapchat has been under attack right after it redesigned the platform, and also lost its many users, introducing this new features such as the AR lens that reacts to sound and Clear Chat might bring back its lost users. This feature can act as milestone to attract teenagers who might fancy Snapchat for this feature over SMS and other social apps.

Beforehand, this feature was introduced by Whatsapp allowing users to delete their messages for one-on-one chats and on group threads. At first, WhatsApp users can delete messages for everyone within seven minutes of being sent, however later Whatsapp increased this time limit. On interesting note, some legends also discover a hack to recover deleted messages, videos, and photos on Whatsapp. So, always do a check before sending a message as it’s better to save, rather than sorry.

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