Snapchat has finally determined to launch original scripted shows near the end of this year.

In recent times social media company Facebook has partnered with several contents producing companies to offer them the opportunity to earn more profit. As recently Facebook has introduced a new dedicated Watch tab for original shows and to appeal content producers to get more revenue.

The personalize Tab will let you watch your favorite and interest relevant video clips of 10 to 15 minutes, which the users will be capable to watch in a little while.

In the same way, this time another social media company has decided to follow this rule and yes! Snapchat has also announced that soon it will launch original scripted shows on its platform.

On social media, there was a few debates and dialogue about this move by Snapchat seeing that it may affect and impair T.V broadcasters.

In respond to this significant uncertainty Nick bell the content head of Snapchat, said, while talking at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, “Mobile is the most admiring thing to TV that has been around,” He added “Snapchat was not a “TV killer” and We’re actually capturing the spectators who are not most likely consuming TV at the same pace and rate of commitment that they once were.”

Snapchat has declared that it will rely on its other media associates and partners to invest the shows. Furthermore, the there will be three to five minutes length suggestion for videos.

Snapchat is not the foremost corporation which will be undertaking into original scripted shows as we talk previously that Facebook has launched a tab for original shows.

Additionally, Apple is also supposedly creating its own original TV shows, which will be launched by the end of this year.

Interestingly, to attract the more customers Snapchat has also offered discounts to small businesses and SMEs to run ads on the platform in a proffer to boost its overall profits.


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