Alleged specs of the Snapdragon 775 chipset

Snapdragon 775 chipset

Qualcomm proceeded on to announce both the Snapdragon 765 as well as the Snapdragon 765G as its upper mid-range chipsets used in models such as the Oppo Reno 5 Pro 5G, the Redmi K30, OnePlus Nord, the Google Pixel 5 and some other devices amongst others. There happen to be present some indicators that are suggesting now then that the US chipmaker is actually working on the Snapdragon 775 chipset.

Some details with regards to both the Snapdragon 775 as well as the Snapdragon 775G were subject to reportedly being spotted in a group chat on a telegram forum. A list actually purported to contain the specs of the Snapdragon 775 as well as the Snapdragon 775G was subject to being shared in the group and it showed the chipsets will indeed end up being manufactured via the aid of the current 5nm process.

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Of course the Snapdragon 775 series is by no means new in the rumor mill. Just last year, it was rumored that the chipset will be manufactured via the aid of the 6nm process. The chip was even tipped to make way onboard with the Redmi K40 in Q4 of last year. The Redmi K40 was actually released just recently and it did not make way with the Snapdragon 775.

The 5nm build processes, if true, will make way by offering faster and more power efficient performance when compared to the 7nm build which the Snapdragon 765 series happened to have utilized. The 5nm process is only utilized by the Snapdragon 800-series and that will bring the Snapdragon 775 closer in terms of both performance as well as power efficiency.

For now, we can’t exactly vouch for the authenticity of these details, however, some reports have indeed claimed that the sheet does in fact look to be a genuine slide from an internal Qualcomm document.


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