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Snapdragon 875 set on In-display cameras?

Qualcomm proceeds on to launch its flagship smartphone processor every year in the month of December, and much like any other year, we’re expecting the same case to be this December as well. Snapdragon 875 set on In-display cameras?.

And now, there have also been a few rumors going round with respect to Qualcomm’s upcoming snapdragon chipset – with primarily the focus being on several phones in the works which will pack both the Snapdragon 875 as well as an under-the-display selfie camera.

It is also expected then that with the Snapdragon 875 processor being revealed in December, it could go on to offer Arm’s new Cortex-X1 CPU core/cores as well as the new Cortex-A78 CPU cores too. And hence it is not at all surprising to find out that Snapdragon 875 phones could indeed be in the works.

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But of course, while we are excited about the new processor, it is without doubt the lure of an In-display selfie camera that has and will continue to intrigue many. Both Xiaomi and Oppo have gone on to demonstrate the technology of an In-display camera on prototypes before, however, needless to say : there are many hurdles for the tech.

Just earlier this year, it was the general manager of Redmi in Lu Weibing that pitched the idea that with high resolution screens comes in only a small amount of light being able to reach the In-display selfie camera – this ultimately going on to result in darker images and poor image quality in general. At the same time, Lu explained that lower resolution screens too doesn’t seem to be a very viable option because with these displays, it could result in color patches in the “display area.”

Regardless of the complexities and hurdles to its practicality though, rumors are on a high claiming that HMD global will be bringing the feature aboard on to the Nokia 9.2/9.3 Pureview flagship smartphone – which is tipped for launch just later in the year.


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