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So Does the latest Android Beta point towards the Galaxy S10 Ultra-wide camera?

So the new Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy Note 9 Android Pie beta has made some noticeable changes to the camera application’s user interface and well it seemslike there is also a new feature right in there which hints that the Galaxy S10will come with an ultra-wide camera. So far many rumors have already made theirway out in the public which more or less discuss the Galaxy S10’s camera setup.In addition people are also talking about a possibility of an ultra-wide lensbut it is still nice to get some form of a hint after Samsung released their new software beta.

Moreoverthe mentioned new feature is called the ‘Ultra wide lens correction” and wellthe Wide angle camera lenses do possess the possibility to distort the image atthe corners, with the objects at the edges of the wide-angled shots lookingcurved. So a solution for this problem is to simply crop out the sides of theimage so it looks like a regular, everyday picture without any distortion ofthe image what so ever. Furthermore if you don’t know already, the Galaxy A9(2018) supports such an option for a ultra-wide images in the gallery section of the phone.

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Nowwith the Android Pie update, Samsung seems to be in the works of making atoggle switch in the camera-settings section so that every ultra-wide imagecaptured on the phone is saved in to the gallery with out any distortion. Infact, with the company already thought of to have started the work on theGalaxy A7(2018) Android Pie update, this lens correction feature may well onlybe for the A7 and the A9 .

So Does the latest Android Beta point towards the Galaxy S10 Ultra-wide camera?

Finally if you are using the Android Pie beta on your Galaxy S9 or Note 9, you can find the Ultra Wide lens correction option in the save options section of the camera settings folder.


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