So have the Huawei Phones stopped functioning after the recent ban of Google Android OS on Huawei phones

So following the recent war between US and Chinese trade it seems that Huawei has finally got the axe from the US after Google has banned the operation of there software on Chinese company Huawei who as it stands, now have the second largest Market Share of mobile phones in the world. So according to stories it has been revealed that a few months ago the daughter of Huawei’s CFO who is also the daughter of the CEO of the company was arrested in the US neighboring country of Canada on the charges of working to defraud global banks by working with a company which was based in Iran, users should know that Iran is a country which has been bannedfor trading with, by the US. In that regard after the on going case, it has been announced that Google will stop operations of there software on any and every Huawei device. So what does this mean for the many users who have Huawei devices?

Well according to the latest news from Pakistan Today’s Profit, it has been revealed that all phones of Huawei including there flagship devices will continue to work as they were and will also receive updates if the Google launches updates for their software. Everything will remain as it is for the next 90 days. After 90 days however, all of the android software oriented devices of Huawei will stop receiving any updates and these include the security patch updates. These security updates in turn make the phone more secure as time moves on, this will however, no longer be the case for Huawei devices.

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In addition to that the major cellphone company also has multiple contracts with other US-based companies for the hardware of there devices. The company buys hardware from manyUSfirmsand theseinclude the likes of Intel, Qualcom and Nvidia. It shouldbe noted that these companies do not have any bad blood Huawei as yet, However, in case any company does decide to ban operations with Huawei, Huawei have already made some contingency plans with the company reportedto have built over a 3-month stock of hardware. It is also worth mentioning that the company is less dependent on the US companies for hardware as the company manufactures most of its own processors itself and other hardware features as well.

Now then moving back to the software concern, Huawei has now been forced to use Android Open Source Project (AOSP) whichis a less stable Android operating system which will in turn stripthe company off from any critical Google apps and services which the consumers, this will be a major blow as many people quite enjoy the services provided by the Google Play store. Henceforth, the future devices coming in from such as the Honor 20 which isa Device coming in from the Huawei’s cheaper sub-brand will now not have access to applications on the Google Playstore, Gmail and Youtube. Huawei will now have to create a substitutefor all of these integral applications to keep the competition against there fierce rivals.

So this is the news on the latest battle between Huawei and the US. A major concern for the company of Huawei, however the company’s CEO has assured there users that they should not worry as they have plans created for a situation like this and that they will without a doubt come out of this easily. For those of you who wish to purchase Huawei phones in the future should not be worried in terms if other amazing features the company has on offer, but speaking in terms of the software, we would urge users to wait until the company have created there own version of there OS and hence be assured that it is stable and up to the mark.

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