So in a world where anyone who wants to sell a particular product goes out of the way to successfully market and portray it as something which a consumer may feel is a necessity, whereas it is not, Careem has got this all wrong. Nowadays, the advertising world adopts their marketing techniques in accordance with the growing trends in a particular industry, and while some successfully launch good ads there are many which seem simply pathetic.

There are many examples of such pathetic marketing campaigns from different companies, but we will not be naming them but we’re sure you have lots of such advertisements in mind which simply do not look good, sound good and feel good and in stead of going in and buying that products or using that service, you start to dislike it.

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Now just recently, we saw Careem’s billboards in which we see a woman wearing her bridal dress and on top of her are written the words “Apni Shadi se Bhagna ho to Careem Bike karao”.The woman can also be seen wearing black glasses to show how confident and up for the job she feels and how she’s looking forward to running away from the “shaadi”. Careem being a well known and mega company in Pakistan, should have thought about the fact that while they are promoting there transportation services they are also promoting the concept of refusal to get married even if that means running away from the marriage

Moreover it should be understood that Shaadi is a very imporatant and Farz concept in our religion Islam as well as many other religions, it is considered as something beautiful in society, in return generations move on to the next one and so on. It should be understood that in countries in which this institution of marriage is failing, such countries are facing moral decline. Therefore these advertisers need to understand the immorality of such marketing and should hence take responsibility about the message they have portrayed.


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