Social Media Day – Interesting details about the largest social media platforms

Social Media Day - Interesting details about the largest social media platforms

Social Media Day was launched by Mashable in the year 2010. The day is now used by 30th June as a day to celebrate and acknowledge the significance that social media plays in our daily lives. Can you imagine your life in the absence of social media?

We’d like to commemorate today by posting some fascinating facts about your most popular networks on social media:


  • Instagram is controlled by Facebook
  • The platform is home to more than one billion active users per month
  • Around 995 images are posted onto Instagram every second
  • The top-most-shared food on Instagram is pizza.
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  • Averaging 350,000 tweets are tweeted every minute. That’s more than 500 million tweets a day.
  • Barack Obama has the most Twitter followers of any person in the world (as as of February 2022)
  • First Tweets were sent out on the 21st of March in 2006.
  • Tesla its founder Elon Musk is working on acquiring the platform.

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This concludes our guide to your most popular social media platforms. We all enjoy scrolling through Instagram and reading tweets as well as watching TikToks, it’s crucial to maintain a healthy relationship to social networks. Some of the best ways to accomplish this include:

  • Set time limit: Most smartphones tell users how long they’re using each application. Pay attention to ensure you’re not wasting time online than offline and taking regular breaks from your screens
  • Find accounts on Twitter that will make you smile: Obvious examples are accounts with happy news, funny memes, or adorable pets. Be sure to pay attention to your social circle and follow people who you are friends with in real life too!


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