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Solid state batteries may be introduced into Samsung smartphones in the next two years

According to reports coming out of Korea, Solid state batteries are expected to replace lithium-ion batteries, which are currently found in smartphones. Not only this, but we might see this transition in a bunch of other devices as well. This transition is likely to take place in the next two years if the reports from Korea are to be believed.

An unknown executive with Samsung SDI (the battery manufacturing arm of the Samsung conglomerate) recently told The Korea Herald that the company will start the production of solid state batteries in the coming one or two years. Although the solid state batteries might be introduced in other devices amongst smartphones, the debut is expected to be made in the smartphone arena. Solid state batteries are also expected to be used for electric cars, however, this is expected to be no sooner than 2025, due to some safety concerns.

As you would expect, Samsung SDI will have competition in the production of such batteries, as there are quite a few other companies interested in the new technology, and amongst them is LG Chem, which will also reportedly start to make the batteries around the same time as Samsung.

Since the upcoming solid state batteries will be made of solid, rather than liquid electrolytes, there will be a much lesser risk of the battery actually catching fire. So this is an obvious advantage of such batteries, especially when you consider the scenario Samsung had to deal with, with the Note 7.

We can only wait and see whether or not these solid state batteries will be present in flagship phones in 2019. There are obviously various factors involved including how quick the phone will charge with such batteries present, what the lifespan will be etc.


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