Sony’s announcement of Alpha 9 flagship with a new G Master telephoto lens is a joyous news for bloggers and professional photographers. This flagship has a cherry on top a new digital 35 mm full frame stacked 24.2MP CMOS sensor featuring 20 fps continuous shooting.

People can avail themselves of this product next month for  $5299 in Canada and  $4500 in the US.


Shutter speed of Alpha 9 is 693 AF points with 93 % coverage of the frame 14-bit RAW support,  60 fps AF/AE  calculation and full-frame 4 k video capture.

You will enjoy this all with no blackout and do vibration free shooting,  without scaring the animal. And you can prove yourself professional by shooting without noise in the white house.

Support for an ethernet port and dual UHS- 2 SD  card slots it has on top of 5 -axis in -body image stabilization.

The power of consumption of A9 has increased and a Z battery with 2.2x the capacity of the generation A7R ii flagship camera.

What’s coming next:

After launching A9 in May, a new 4G Master telephoto lens will be debuted in July. It supports a 100-400 mm zoom at f/4.5-5.6 aperture it will cost  $2499 in the US and  $dollar 3399 In Canada.


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