Sony has a greatreputation of supplying camera sensors of the highest caliber to many major cellphone phone manufacturers and you will find there designed cameras on many smartphones of very brands including flagships, yet, when it comes to there own devices the company has not done well, let me tell you. If you look at there many not abledevices which they have launched over the years, the company has never really released a smartphone with powerful cameras which could at least provide some competition to the high end phones in the market, in terms of the camera.

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Sony Executive reveals a very funny reason as to why there phones never had a good camera

Well now the  senior manager of global marketing for Sony, Mr. Adam Marsh, has revealed the reason behind this choice of strategy. The company’smajor executive states in a recent interview conducted by Trusted Reviews that a rivalry between the mobile and Alpha mirrorless camera divisions of the company was responsible for the disappointing results that many have found on the Sony’s own mobile phone camera’s. Marsh said that “Even though we’re one company, there are still sometimes barriers that Alpha doesn’t want to give Mobile certain things because all of a sudden you have the same as what a 3,000-pound camera’s got.” He further added that the barrier is gone to some extent, as the camera division now acknowledge that having a smartphone and camera that gives you the same experience was a good thing.

The senior executive also told Trusted Reviews that this change is also related to a recent reshuffle which saw Kimio Maki, who was the previous head of the Alpha division, take over as the head of Sony Mobile. The new cellphonedevice chief recently, halted work on the expected Xperia XZ4 and when asked, he said that heaimed of revamping the company approach in terms of the smartphone design. This new approach sae Maki fostering collaboration between the various brands and the mobile division. Finally as a result of this change in strategy,  the new experiences are now being shared across the Cybershot, Alpha and Xperiabrands. Furthermore, He also mentioned the possibility of software features from the Alpha cameras to possibly feature in there upcoming Xperia mobile phone device and it would now be safe to say that thecompany may just be the first company give usersa DSLR type camera experience on a smartphone which we all would simply love to have in our phones, well time for Sony to rise from the ashes aye?


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