Sony just gave an overview in which it summarized the company’s gains and losses for the second quarter of 2018 which gave us an insight in the gaming division of Sony which includes all products including the PlayStation. Sony in total had a increase of $317 million but the report however showed a bleak picture for the struggling mobile phone category.

In the fiscal Q2 2018, Sony Mobile lost a lot of money, estimated loss of about $480 million as compared to fiscal Q2 of the previous year which is a pretty big number, but not a surprising one considering the mobiles that Sony have produced over the years. The previous year saw the company losing more or less $100 million in the same division. To make matters worse, Sony as whole were actually doing pretty good and the Japanese company made over $1 billion more in the first half of 2018 than it did in the first half of 2017, to summarize the current situation, the Sony’s mobile division is acting a bit like dead weight as of right now!

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Sony doesn’t plan to shut down operations for its mobiles anytime soon too, but the company can only carry on for so long and can sustain the damage that the division is causing for so long and the time does not seen far away when Sony will have to let go of the mobile division and concentrate on other products. Furthermore even though the company is earning over $1 billion more in a quarter as compared to the prior year is good news, not as good as when you find out that half of the earnings go to the struggling division.

So where is Sony going wrong, well it ultimately comes down to one major thing, many of the Sony consumers do not even know that Sony creates mobile phones for the masses. Their marketing is probably one of the main reasons why the division is failing!


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