Sony in legal trouble because of the Ps5

Sony Ps5

Sony is in the process of being sued and its also being accused of consumer fraud over its Playstation 5 controller. The company happens to be on the receiving end of a class action lawsuit after numerous users have gone on to experience issues with regards to their Sony Ps5 DualSense controller.

With respect to the very recent reports, many consumers have been facing an issue with both the controller as well as its functioning. Over the course of the past couple of months, many users have actually been facing an issue which goes by the name of ‘drift’. For those of you who are unaware : drift actually happens to be an issue where the joysticks found on the controllers malfunction. This, in turn causes unintentional movement or shift in camera angles without there being any input from the user. This refers to the fact that one can face issues during game play courtesy of these unwanted inputs from the faulty controller.

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A rather similar problems was also found on the Nintendo Switch. And hence perhaps courtesy of the past experiences, users this time around were rather quick to catch on to the problem that they were facing. This very first reports with regards to the potential Sony lawsuit first made an appearance last week. At that time, the law firm which is involved was only in the process of gathering information from the affected consumers. And now, they are indeed moving forward with the lawsuit.

The goal of the lawsuit which is of course is being brought forward against Sony is in pursuit of the Japanese firm to offer free replacements – by proving that there is indeed consumer fraud involved. Of course this does not at all imply that those who have purchased a Sony Ps5 will receive a new DualSense Controller for free, rather, it refers to the fact that only those who have opted into the class action lawsuit will be on the receiving end of a new controller – that of course if the lawsuit is successful in the first place.


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