Sony is hoping to upgrade the security for the PS4 and the Playstation Network with a bug abundance program that will help research, find, and fix out vulnerabilities and bugs on the reassure. 

Sony’s new Playstation Bug Bounty program is offering money payouts to the individuals who find vulnerabilities of numerous sorts in the framework. At the hour of composing, the program has just gotten in excess of 88 bug reports and an aggregate of $173,900 has been paid with a normal installment of $400. 

Obviously, only one out of every odd powerlessness is qualified for payouts, however Sony has a framework set up where security analysts can report bugs and vulnerabilities by means of sincere trust. 

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The Bug Bounty program includes two fundamental stages, the Sony PS4 framework including embellishments and the OS, and the Playstation organize. Starting at now, the Japanese organization isn’t offering awards for more established equipment, for example, the Playstation 3 and is likewise not searching for any vulnerabilities for them since they are not, at this point the fundamental core interest. 

Nonetheless, Sony is mentioning for sensible time before they can give solutions for bugs or unveil them freely.

Give us reasonable time to remediate vulnerabilities before talking about them publicly and notify us of your disclosure plans in advance. If you would like to disclose a resolved vulnerability, make the request directly in your report. We look forward to disclosing issues that positively contribute to the security community.

Sony has been running the Playstation Bug Bounty for about a large portion of a year currently however has opened it to security analysts everywhere just because. So in the event that you happen to have the vital range of abilities for the activity. 


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