Sony Patents a foldable phone – has In-screen sensors

Sony Patents a foldable phone - has In-screen sensors
Sony Patents a foldable phone - has In-screen sensors

It is no secret that Sony has not been on top of the pecking order in the world of smartphones for quite some time now, as the company continues to see users move away from its range of smartphones to other manufacturers. The company is determined to get back on the top though, and regain some of the market share that it has lost in recent years –the evidence of which comes with the company releasing a flagship device in recent memory, and now, we’ve got something entirely new from them. In accordance to LetsGoDigital, Sony has recently filed a new patent for a foldable smartphone. What sets the approach of Sony apart from all the other foldable concepts that we have seen so far is that Sony’s version features with all the common smartphone sensors being crammed right into the screen.

The patent from the company also goes on to show a flexible display both on the front as well as the back of the device, coming with a pressure sensor, acceleration sensor, as well as a temperature sensor. It is said that the company also believes that it can cram up other sensors too in the display – such as a photo sensor and a resistance sensor. These would make way for the device to see exactly how the users are holding their device, which by extension allows the UI to adapt to the user’s holding habits.


Both the front as well as the rear sides would feature with transparent displays, while the device itself would fold together – being in a curved state. Such a factor makes Sony’s version of the foldable phone entirely different to what Samsung has – as the Korean manufacturer’s approach goes on to involve two displays – one on the inside while the other being on the outside of the fold. The company has decided to go with the display to only be on the outside, which firmly places it in the Huawei Mate X school of folding phones.

As far as the launch of the device from Sony goes, there is no word on when this will take place – in fact, it still isn’t concrete that we’ll actually see such a device from Sony. However, since both Huawei and Samsung have already made their way into the foldable segment of the market, with other manufacturers soon looking to follow – it would only make sense for Sony too to join in the party.


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