Sony PlayStation 5 firmware 4.03 or lower is required to jailbreaking

Sony PlayStation 5 firmware 4.03 or lower is required to jailbreaking

From the time that PlayStation 5 was first released by Sony in the late year of 2020 hackers have been trying to hack it. In 2021 it was announced that the debug menu was made accessible and was a huge improvement.

A year later, Twitter users @StretchEcho and @SpecterDev utilised the WebKit vulnerability to circumvent Sony’s security.

For those who aren’t aware that jailbreaking is the process that exploits a device’s vulnerabilities to install software that’s not meant to be there such as pirated PS5 games, for instance.

The hack and Python scripts used to implement it can be downloaded from the GitHub page for Spectre Dev. This hack can only be used by PlayStation 5 systems that have firmware version 4.03 or lower.

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Both console versions can be jailbroken, however you’ll require an PC or Mac to complete the process. In the case of one user attempted to run the console on version 4.50 and it went through an error in the kernel.

Even if you’re running the correct version, you may need to test the program more than once as it’s not always working.

The exploit isn’t as effective than some of those PlayStation 4 jailbreaks because it isn’t able to run code on the console.

There’s a Debug menu is available You can write data to your hard drive. It could allow developers to understand more about how PS5 functions, which will allow them to develop emulators and patches that are not officially licensed for consoles older than PS5.


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