The new Sony PS4 Pro simply fixes the noise problems

The new Sony PS4 Pro simply fixes the noise problems

The latest version of the Sony PS4 is not cooler or better or even power-efficient but it is noise efficient. Many users would know that the PS4 can be quite loud at times especially when it is running intense games but such issues have now been fixed with the launch of the new Sony PlayStation 4, according to an analysis given by Digital Foundry.

In terms of design the new version is pretty much identical to the previous one but the back of the console which was previously a bulky three-prong Pc style power connector has now been replaced by slim standard figure eight-cable that both Sony and Microsoft currently use for their Xbox One S and PS4 slim versions. Still there isn’t a very significant change seen when it comes to the Power draw or the heat output which reveals that Sony haven’t as yet shrunk the processor something relating to overall revision, which has resulted in a significantly large drop in fan noise from 50 and 55dB to 44 and 48dB for their latest addition which is good considering the concentration gamers require in tough gaming competitions.

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Furthermore they have not ripped apart one of the consoles for ourselves, it is still difficult to know precisely what has changed in the latest version, But if you are willing to buy a PS4 Pro this season, this is the recommended model, but like all good things it isn’t very easy to get your hands on this one. The Digital Foundry reveals that Sony actually, quietly fitted this console with the new PS4 Red Dead Redemption 2 bundle which you can also buy too but that means you will have to buy a copy of the game as well, in which case it is very likely that you may already own that game but we are hoping that this version will very well be released in a separate console version so hold on to your seats .


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