Despite Sony slowly losing its pace with other competitors in the smartphone business, there is one department where Sony has not let down and has been aging very well. Although the only competition that it receives is mainly from Microsoft and Nintendo, they are very tough competitors who have achieved a level of familiarity which was unheard of under the popularity gained by Sony consoles in the past two decades.

With the PS4, came the Xbox One, the similarities in terms of specs between the consoles was uncanny and it was dubbed to be the closest fight regarding milestones achieved, in the history of consoles. Unsurprisingly, Sony came out on top. The PS4 was just considered as the better overall console and with more reachability and the brand recognition giving Sony the edge over Microsoft, in the consoles category, it was a short time until Sony reached the 100 million sales mark. Which it finally did in June of 2019 which saw 3.2 million PS4 consoles sold in the first quarter. It has been 5 years and second month since the PS4 was unveiled and the sales have seen a consistency not seen before. It managed to overcome the previous record held by PS2 and the Nintendo Wii.

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The next generation of consoles have had their fare share of leaks and it looks like Sony and Microsoft would be going head to head again in a battle which is only getting fiercer. The next-gen consoles would be supporting 8K graphics, not utilized up till now, 3D Audio, SSD Storage, backwards compatibility and an eight core AMD based CPU. The GPU would also be upgraded to support ray-tracing graphics. The consoles are expected to be unveiled around the holiday season next year and would be another tough sales battle between the two Behemoths.


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